Free State Presents: Short & Sweet

Free State Presents: Short & Sweet

A Man for the Job (15min) by Lyn Elliot
When a young hospital parking valet befriends a middle-aged patient, he discovers she wants something he may not be able to give.

Payback Time (14min) by Takashi Miyatani
A man reunites with someone from his past in the workplace leaving coworkers to wonder who bullied who

Cottage Grove (13min) by George Elzey Jr.
A young man struggles to communicate with his stroke-afflicted father, and at the same time, stay true to himself.

Bedtime Story (3min) by Jake Jackson
On a dark summer night, evil lurks in the shadows as a young child must decide what bedtime story she would like to hear.

Hangman (15min) by Megan Brotherton
A recently widowed woman works through the complexities of grief with the help of friends, strangers and Tupperware.

The Blue Hour (15 min) directed by J.D. Shields
Two personal journeys intersect when a struggling young photographer is hired for a cheap last minute portrait gig. The unfolding photo session, while transient, leaves an indelible mark on both women.

Event Information

Event Date 06-27-2024 8:00 pm
Individual Price $15
Location Liberty Hall - Main Stage