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Influence & Homage: The Works of Robert Altman and Paul Thomas Anderson 

It's no secret that Paul Thomas Anderson and Robert Altman had a special connection. PTA was a great fan of Altman's work, and was chosen by Altman himself to be on stand-by to direct during the production of Prairie Home Companion, Altman's final film. There Will Be Blood, which some might consider PTA's best film (coming in May) is dedicated to Altman. Their styles and themes are extremely similar and compliment each other so well that we decided to pair them together for a series. Nashville and Magnolia are both ensemble films about seemingly unconnected characters, The Long Goodbye and Inherent Vice are both adaptations of noir/crime books starring free wheeling detectives, and McCabe and Mrs. Miller and There Will Be Blood are both revisionist Westerns about greed ruining communities. Come check out our Altman/PTA pairings at the theater, or rent some of their work from the video store!

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